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Hello there, as you may have guessed from the domain title, my name is Colin Smith and this is my website. I started this site to try and carve out a living online. I’m not sure just yet exactly how I am going to achieve this but I thought at the very least I had better start practising my writing skills in general as I haven’t undertaken any serious writing since leaving school more than 20 years ago, hence this site and my ramblings.

So….. what is this site going to be about? what is the subject matter? I don’t really have a clear picture of what I shall write about, I think it may be simply anything thart sparks my curiosity. I tend to be a fairly opinionated person and have a little knowledge about a lot of stuff. Hopefully I can give anyone reading a few insights, failing that, hopefully a few minutes of entertainment at the very least.

A little about me, i’m 38, I live in Scotland with my amazing fiancée and 2 amazing kids, I run a small decorating business which I started in 2015.  I love running, hill walking and learning.